Friday, February 21, 2014

Airport security with a steel cage part two

During my last entry the cagedone had just checked in his luggage

There were various reasons for checking in such a small piece of luggage not the least of which was the articles it contained and the potential embarrassment that one might face is the bag needed to be opened, such as…..5 new bundles of rope, 2 meters of chain, a wee-vibe, a packet of padlocks, a rather large red stuffed cock sleave, a Bluetooth speaker system, many condoms, a aneros, black soft pants and sweater, large black cable ties and more lube liquid that can be taken as hand luggage!! Not the least of which was a half squished copper pipe that contained the keys to the looker !!

The worst part of all of this was the actual approach to the security guys…..

That task completed, all there was to do was to pass security, on approach I carefully checked out the layout, domestically in Australia they do not have full body scanners, they only have this in the international terminal, even so I knew I would set off the alarm. I picked the que that had two men operators….as I took my laptop out of its case of of the men prepared to place the laptop, my bag and suit jacket into one of those plastic containers. I told him that I was going to set off the metal detector because I was wearing body jewellery.

The guy sort of nodded, did not seem the slightest bit out of the ordinary or worried but let the guy on the other side know in advance.

So off I went through and sure enough the Looker has plenty of metal to make a loud alarm!!, no big deal, those things go off all the time….but they guy despite this asked me to remove my belt and shoes and then I had to make the alarm go off a second time.

Now it gets kind of funny, the comes over with the hand wands and starts scanning me after making me stand on a square right out in the open….and of course he gets to my genital area and the thing goes crazy…and he asks me what it is …so I tell him its body jewellery, and that its not removable, so he scans me again and from the rear again and he asked me what sort…so I then tell him it’s a stainless steel penis cage that can not be removed, lol and the guy almost starts panicking, I could tell by his manner he was pretty new to the job, and he actually said to me, “I am not sure what to do!!” I said to him that I called the office in Canberra and they just said that you might have to inspect it or whatever…so anyway he scampers off and leaves me standing in the middle of the airport, no one actually supervising me…in the open…sort of looking stupid!! With my hands up in the air, which I subsequently lowered. Ironically by this stage I was not the slightest bit nervous rather the quantrary I was actually starting to enjoy the experience, I hadn’t been shot, no one had ridiculed me, and on the whole it was good to nearly have it done and over with. Also now I was standing there was nothing I could do other than see it through…it was like passing through a one way door…so I just relaxed

So over comes the security guard accompanied by two really big burly bald guys….and they lead me off to a room, I had to ask them to pick up my stuff that was still piled up on the conveyer having gone through the xray….the head guy did not seem all that impressed, but all very professional…

Next thing they have me sign this form that gives my consent to being searched, I duly filled it in and then I looked at the guy and said, wouldn’t it just be easier if I showed you what it is…the two senior guys said yep that would indeed make things easier….so then I have these three guys circling me waiting for me to drop my pants…and its really really close quarters as it’s a small room… I said….guys (laughing a bit nervously) it’s a bit embarrassing having three men staring at my crotch…and I kid you not the two big guys turned absolutely in synchronisation as if on poles to face the other direction saying that’s ok we won’t watch….so I was left with just the one guy….the original inexperienced guy looking expectantly down.

I undid my buckle and flopped it out…I even pulled it down a bit and to the side so he could clearly see the cock being impaled by the steel rod disappearing inside. I am not exaggerating, I saw the blood drain away from his face, the two senior guys said are you satisfied its ok…the poor guys stammered….he said…yes, yes….completely satisfied!!! It was so comical I was so tempted to laugh and I did end up having a giggle with the senior guy as I did my pants up. They actually ended up apologising to me for detaining me…and he said, you aren’t the first and nor will you be the last!!, at which point they let me go…it just took a while to get dressed which was when the senior guy also seemed a lot more relaxed….and I joked about what I was going to be allowed to do with the caged cock at the other side of my trip.

So what transpired for the next three days was between my mistress and I, but the return journey was funny too although relatively uneventful. So here I sit, locked personally by my mistress for the very first time after using her cock for that last three days…I must admit mistress was far more generous than I expected…delightful. She will be sending the keys to the key lock and they will arrive in the next few days, however I also have a tamper tag in the keylock hence I have to wait until she says I can reminisce about the last three days. I must admit I am pretty horny thinking back, by the same token I don’t want to unlock and break the seal that was made by her…L It also makes me swell in my cage knowing how wet it makes her knowing that her cock is locked up.

On the way back, there is no so much to tell except the person was a woman, who did not bad an eyelid, although I did not tell her it was a penis cage only body jewellery, the guy that came over to scan me was a large black American, who when I told him it was body jewellery, broke into ridiculously loud laughter that made everyone turn around and look at us…its like WTF, anyway he just quickly scanned me and then sent me on my way, no fuss nothing!! 

I am not sure when I will come back to this blog again, a lot has happened over the last few years, clearly. Anyway I wanted to share this real story with you :) that is if anyone still reads this blog..though there has not been anything to read for such a long long time....

I will probably paste it into a chastity forum somewhere so someone might actually benefit from my experience

Obviously its not really about a wife led marriage any more....

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