Thursday, February 20, 2014

Airport Security with Steel cage

Sorry I have not written for so long, well so there are so many so much more prolific writers, there does not seem to be much point in my wanderings, still I am sure that many men can related to me... although not so many are fortunate enough to meet a special person as I have.

I thought I would write this while it was still fresh in my memory…

I am married, but I am married to a woman who has no interest in me sexually to the point where I have told her that I will have sexual relations with other people.

I have been engaging with a ……my mistress who lives in another part of the county for nearly three years. This last week I finally had the privilege of very special woman….not just meeting her though it was better described as an entwining, she is and will always be special...I truly wish that the last three days could repeat themselves indefinitely as it would be my heaven. Moments in time define lives..they are what define us, and I have many new definitions now to consider. Reality rarely exceeds expectations, with the exception of my mistress….:)

Anyway part of our thing is that she wanted me to wear the looker2 through airport security after being locked for 9 days to see her…

So here is a REAL experience of what happens when you go through airport security with a stainless steel cock cage attached to you.

One of the reasons why I write this is because when I searched, there are so MANY people who THINK they know but not any actual experiences about going through airport security and what happens when the beeper goes off…what follows IS what really does happen….(in both directions).
The great news is that it is not scary, in fact seriously I challenge you all to do this, as anyone who uses airport security and an excuse to unlock is quite simply using that as an excuse. I have to admit that I did ring the airport security prior and ascertained that there was NO WAY I would be denied flying, as we did agree that if there was any chance of being denied flying then we would not do this….:)


So I arrived at the airport….my looker 2 was in place, and had been so for 9 days….the keys were in a copper pipe with a hole drilled through, a padlock secured the keys to the looker 2 contained within the copper pipe which was placed in my check in luggage. Once the bag drop was completed….the unique keys to the looker 2 now existed within the belly of the aircraft that I had little choice to board.
How fun


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